Our Investments.

THE WING A work and community space for women

Founder: Audrey Gelman, Lauren Kassan

Women's Club The Wing Raises $8 Million Series A, Adds 3 Locations

BRAVELY Bravely provides off-the-record conflict coaching for employees navigating their workplace.

Founder: Toby Hervey, Sarah Sheehan, Rasesh Patel

When It Comes To Sexual Harassment Claims, Whose Side Is HR Really On?

PARSLEY HEALTH Parsley Health is direct primary care that addresses the root causes of disease through a 360° look at your health including your personal history, current lifestyle, environment, mental and emotional factors, and genetics.

Founder: Robin Berzin

This doctor's office charges $150 a month and doesn't take insurance — and it could be the future of medicine

HENRY THE DENTIST Henry delivers a state of the art mobile dental clinic to offices

Founder: Justin Joffe

In Jersey City: 'Henry The Dentist' Mobile Clinic Launches

BULLETIN Sell IRL in a Snap: a flexible approach to shared retail space

Founder: Alana Branston, Ali Kriegsman

A Feminist Collective, Not Just a Store in NoLIta

HERB Your source for everything cannabis

Founder: Matt Gray

Cannabis website Herb raises $4.1M

NAUTILUS LABS Log, Analyze and Report on Maritime Vessel Data

Founder: Anthony DiMarre, Brian O’Clair

Logbook: Houston to Panama on a merchant ship

HICKORY Hickory is the first training software that predicts when your employees will forget and the only one that makes sure it doesn’t happen.

Founder: Brian Tobal

This new startup can predict exactly when you are going to forget something — and make you remember

TINYHOOD Expert, personalized, on-demand advice to all of your parenting questions

Founder: Becky Miller

Coffee with Becky Miller, Co-Founder of Tinyhood

SMALLS Fresh, human grade cat food - delivered

Founder: Matt Michaelson, Calvin Bohn


SVRF Search and discover the most stunning virtual reality (VR) content

Founder: Sophia Dominguez

SVRF may have the answer to VR’s search problem

SUPCHINA China in 2 minutes a day - Top news and analysis delivered to your inbox

Founder: Anla Cheng

Why a seasoned China investor is launching a new China-focused media startup